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Why Lease A New Mazda

If you've been sitting at home wondering why lease a new Mazda in Cortland, OH, allow us at Apostolakis Mazda to give you the answers. Our staff is happy to explain the "ins and outs" of the entire leasing process, as well as regale you with all of the exciting features that these new Mazda vehicles have to offer! 
We'll start this article with a few of the benefits that can be yours with leasing. If you've been eyeing a new Mazda3 sedan, for example, but are worried about that high down payment amount, leasing is ideal as it requires little or nothing due at signing. On top of that, your monthly cost will be less, as you are paying towards the depreciation value of the vehicle, not the full sticker price. Leasing is also great for those who enjoy having that new car smell every few years, as you'll have the option to trade up or switch models entirely when the lease is up. 
Now that we've begun to ease your mind, have some fun browsing our selection of Mazda vehicles. You can come visit our showroom to see them in person, or access the Search Inventory tool here on our site. Filter your search bases on the model or body type you are interested in and then use the videos and photos to get a better idea of what each one offers. When you are ready to get behind the wheel, feel free to schedule a test drive! We want to make sure you know exactly the reasons as to why lease a new Mazda in Cortland, OH, so please ask us any questions you may have. 
There are a few factors to keep in mind when it comes to leasing. You'll want to determine the length of the leasing contract that works best for you, typically between one and three years. Next comes the mileage, as this also affects the overall cost. We do recommend leasing for those who drive around 10,000-12,000 miles, but don't be afraid if you think you need a little more or a little less. Then, all that's left to do is decide the Mazda you want to drive and make an appointment with our Finance Department!   
So, why lease a new Mazda in Cortland, OH? Just picture yourself driving home in a stunning new vehicle that fits into your budget and we think you'll have your decision. When you do, give us a call at Apostolakis Honda and we'll take care of you right away! 


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